What is a brand and why is branding an important exercise?

What is a brand and why is branding an important exercise?

More often than not, we have people asking us for help with their ‘brand’.  And usually, they are just looking for a name for their business. And our answer:


 “You do business. Leave the ‘brand’ to us!”  


It might be slightly difficult to understand, but as a matter of fact, the name you choose for your business will not be a ‘brand’ overnight. You can choose your line of business and name it the way you want. If need be, we can help you round up on a tacky name, shape it up to look like a logo, provide support with getting it registered under the law as well. However, to make a mere name a ‘brand’, it will take both of us.  


A ‘brand’ is essentially a concept. No brand was a brand from day 1.  For example, once upon a time, there lived a curious pharmacist, in Atlanta. One day, he came up with a syrup. He soon discovered that when mixed with carbonated water, it tasted great and all his friends loved it too! Soon, it was the neighbourhood’s favourite drink and a friend called the beverage “CocaCola. Evolving from the 1880s, Coca-Cola is today one of the most successful brands. The second I say Cola, Coca-Cola pops into our heads! Though, ‘cola’ just means ‘a brown carbonated drink that is flavoured with an extract of cola nuts, or with a similar flavouring’.


Now that’s the power of brand. It can change the way the world perceives a business. For a name to evolve into a brand, one not only needs good business, but also needs a community supporting it. Most importantly, a brand should ensure that the community is aware of its existence.


However, it is not 1880 anymore. Today’s market is more competitive. There is more than one version of everything. So how do you cut through and evolve into a brand? The basic mantra is:  


·         You need a tacky name

·         A mind blowing logo

·         Trademark protection and other legal compliance’s

·         A fancy website

·         A big dream and a wacky branding team to drive the dream into reality!


We are your one stop solution for all your branding needs! From naming your business to advertising it in the market, we can make sure the name you choose today grows into a brand that is bigger than your imagination. For more information, write to us at

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