The world is after fitness today. But here the ‘FIT’ we are referring to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And the fact that the world is into this ‘FIT’ as well, cannot be denied.

Most parents are concerned about their kid’s relationship with the phone. Most of us are thoughtlessly scrolling down Social Media pages and I guess our parents for sure think we are jobless and are bored of our lives. Though that’s true sometimes, when a branding or marketing professional tries to explain that they actually ‘work’ on these pages for a living, they get this doubtful look that so says “ya, right!”.

The concept of branding and marketing has evolved over the years. The way the market works and the way it operates has drastically changed. And mostly, businesses have moved online.

In this world where everything happens online, it is indeed important for brands to be ‘FIT’. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are visibly the most effective ways of marketing. In recent times, these pages have grown to be the simplest and most powerful media of marketing to reach people.

Though popular, print media has its own challenges. A newspaper, a flyer or any concrete piece of paper can reach a particular audience at the directed location. Social media has overcome this challenge. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give us access to hundreds of millions of users worldwide, who can access our message. They allow us to operate and do business across the globe. It is fascinating how a Découpage made in a small town in India can be viewed, liked, shared, discussed and bought from California! The right branding and marketing can definitely take you beyond boundaries.

Facebook is currently the largest social network site across the globe. We can reach out to people with Facebook ads and the same is fairly cheaper than any other advertising medium. Unlike other media, Facebook ensures the reach of an ad to the set target audience. Twitter is a great tool to bulk update content statuses so that there is regular engagement with the followers of a page. A great way to use Twitter to get utmost visibility is to use the right hashtags and themes. Instagram is also one of the fastest growing social media websites. The digital trends on Instagram witness 10 times more engagement than any other social media platform. It is also an excellent channel to promote your products using high resolutions photos and hashtags.

Besides Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google + are some of the most used tools that can be used as part of the social media marketing strategy. Social media has become one of the most important marketing channels for brands around the world. However, unless one employee the right branding and marketing strategy, a post could just be lost in the ocean of content on the internet.

At Aadyaa, we work on original ideas every day. We have an unconventional approach towards marketing and ensure that our clients’ money is put in the right place. Be ‘FIT’, to be famous.



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