Logos are the primary identifiers of your brand. Logos represent your company. A logo signifies the kind of business you do and creates an image in your audience’s minds.

A logo should hence be a conscious decision. It can be a simple icon, stylized letter or number, or even an image that you would want to associate your business with. A logo can carry multiple messages that your brand wants to convey. For example, if you keenly observe the logo of the famous ‘Baskin Robbins’, you will notice a ‘31’ representing their flavors and ‘12’ to show months; the ‘arrow’ under Amazon’s logo stands for ‘A to Z’, to say that they sell everything. Other examples can be the “F” as in Facebook or a vibrant combination of colors in the word “Google”.

It is important to understand the significance of the following types of logos:

  • Letters: Many established brands have chosen one or more letters to represent their business. The letters could be an abbreviation of the names of their founders or the company. Generally, when an establishment is driven by a single ideology, a letter or letters are chosen to form a logo. Here are some examples of famous letter logos:

  • Words: Words or full names of companies have served as powerful logos as well. These could be pursued to be more formal than a letter logo. Mostly, a word or a name is chosen when the company wants people to recognize and use the name of the company in full. Generally, for ease of representation, a word logo contains less graphic elements. You would mostly see plain texts in different typographic styles. Some examples of word logos that have made history are:

  • Icons: Icons are essentially graphic elements or even names inscribed in a creative manner to look like images. Icons do not necessarily mean anything. They would just be simple symbols that could easily be etched in people’s minds. Some companies also choose unique icons specially created to represent their businesses. Examples of some icons that have soared high are:

  • Hybrid Logos: Also called as combination marks, hybrid logos could consist of multiple creative elements. In addition to an icon or a letter or a word, one can adopt a unique color combination, significant numeric values, background etc…  Owing to the fact that these can be customized to a large extent, hybrid logos are one of the most popular logo formats. Almost all logos can be classified into a hybrid one. However, the complexities added to make a logo hybrid will determine the category. Some examples can be:


  • Emblems: A logo that is enclosed in a geometric shape can be called an emblem. Mostly used by government organizations worldwide, emblems could have historical meanings. Though derived mostly from colonization, emblems are a famous choice even today and are widely used by clubs, associations, institutions, etc. An emblem can carry an icon or multiple icons enclosed within an outline or shape. Emblems are seen as strong representations and can convey straight forward and simple messages. Some examples of emblems are:

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