What is Social Media Marketing and why you need it ?

What is Social Media Marketing and why you need it ?

With everything, we see today being on social media, a strong social media presence is one that has become extremely important in today’s world. Most businesses today, have a social media account to appeal to the younger generations as well as to expand their horizons. What started with a small presence on Facebook in the mid 2000s has now evolved to complete running of businesses there as well as on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. While all new companies and brands start their business journey on social media, most of the old timers have also come to terms with the massive popularity of it.

Creating an account for your company is only the first step. What determines how well you do is how well you market it. The most important aspect is having a fully functional account and posting what your audience wants. Consistently posting engaging, appealing, and timely content will keep your audience glued to your account, which is exactly what you want. Social media marketing is made up of all of these components. Without a doubt, your company requires it.

Most people think of social media as something of a ‘want’ but it is a ‘need’ and the faster you get to it, the better it is. It’s become a necessity. What people fail to understand is the fact that it takes time like any other aspect of your business. It’s not always necessary for you to make huge sales on Instagram or Facebook. What’s more important is that the audience knows about your existence and that you are consistent with your posts. At the same time it doesn’t mean that you post every hour of every day unless you deal in something that needs constant engagement. You can even post once every 3 days or once every 5 days but be consistent with it. It’s all about how you do it. Create an account, follow similar accounts, post different features of your business, play around with it, make it fun, find out what works out for you and stick with it. This way your audience is also engaged and they look forward to more content from your side. The thing about social media marketing is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It all depends on your business and how you decide to take it forward.

At present Facebook has 2.85 billion users and Instagram has 1.36 billion. This is a huge number when you look at it from the perspective of having a large audience. Global statistics says that the average time spent by a person on Instagram is 30 minutes a day. When asked people of age groups 17 – 45 on what social media is to them, they said things like : “It’s a form of entertainment”, “it’s a stress buster”, “it’s a getaway to another world”, “It’s a form of marketing”, “it’s a business exposure”, “it’s a way to keep up with the trends”. Neha, a digital marketing head said, “Social media is something that I would 100% recommend to any company since it’s easily accessible to its audience and a good way to keep up with the things happening around us.” This shows that people log in to their social media accounts for various reasons but ultimately get similar content.

With today’s world and its social dynamics constantly changing, there’s nothing permanent to hold on too. It’s important to keep up with it. Therefore, make sure your profile changes with the varying trends of today and the future. We might not know the trends that’ll come up next week or next month but what we do know is social media is here to stay and your business need it.

-Written by Prakruthi Bharadwaj

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