In the previous blog we gave you a few productivity hacks, this is the part 2 we promised you about. Today we have a few more tips for you to be more productive and get you’re ‘A’ game on.

1. Create a dedicated workspace : This is one that is crucial. When you are attending a class or working on a project, refrain from sitting on the couch or lying down on the bed and doing your work. This psychologically prepares you mind to think and work in a relaxed manner. Create a dedicated workspace and do all your work there. Some people work better at a cluttered table than at a neat one and some work vice versa. Keep it in the way you work better.

2. Use your phone for the right tools : While working, set a time and keep an alarm for it. This programmes your mind to finish your work before the alarm goes off. You can also use various apps to create a schedule and work in a more organised manner.

3. Create Healthy Competition : Work with other people on the same task. Distribute the job and work on different aspects of the same job. This creates a sense of competition which makes you work better and faster.

4. Know when you should work alone : As much as working in a group encourages you, working on your own is also important. Set up a goal and tell yourself that you’ll not do anything else until it’s finished. There are times we’re better off working alone and we’re much more productive.

5. There’s nothing wrong in saying ‘NO’ : One of the things most people struggle with is saying ‘no’. We think it can come of as rude but actually we’re just setting boundaries for ourselves in order to be productive. When you hesitate to say ‘no’, you’re just taking up more work for yourself which you try to multitask and then end up doing nothing.

6. Track your progress : Make a list of all the tasks you completed over the week and go through it over the weekend. This pushes you to do even more and promotes healthy growth within yourself.

7. Reward yourself : Life is a balance. Work hard, play harder. You don’t have to restrain yourself just to one place. Once you accomplish a goal, reward yourself. It doesn’t have to always be something big, even an hour of Netflix is perfectly fine. Take the time to do what you love.

8. Know that there are bad days : You can’t experience the good without the bad. There are days where we feel unmotivated, uninspired and laid back. It’s totally normal to feel that because these are the days that pushes you to do better the next day.

9. Watch productive videos : Some people watch study routines or productive videos on YouTube when they feel unmotivated. Videos titled “Study with me for 2 hours”, “Work along with me” encourages people to be productive and work hard.

This blog has come to it’s end. Productivity is a journey rather than a destination. You must be willing to modify the way you think about organising and finishing things in order to become more productive, but you will also require the proper kind of team with the right mentality to foster a truly effective working relationship.

Written by – Prakruthi Bharadwaj 

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