We keep ourselves updated about the lives of celebrities and politicians, but what about keeping ourselves updated for our benefit ?

Sometimes we wake up with the sudden urge to revamp and improve our life or at times we get the feeling of self realisation at 3am to change our lives the following day. But the alarm goes off at 6am the next day and we choose to start “tomorrow”. And then, tomorrow never comes. The hard thing is not waking up, the hard thing is to be consistent. That fear on the inside of not holding up to our own expectations takes over and we’re left in the same place. What we don’t realise is that it’s okay to have days where we don’t work in the same routine and it’s totally okay to do something else – something different. It’s only when we allow days like this that the better days can come along and self improvement takes charge. It might be hard to get out of our comfort zone and do something new but that’s the only way we can grow ourselves. We have disclosed some of the ways how one can improve oneself below. Do give it a read.

1. Plan Ahead – One of the things that sets your game is when you plan ahead. This way you know what you want to do and you work towards accomplishing it. This gives you the upper hand on the week ahead and you’ll finally be able to hit the gym or read that book you’ve been putting off for weeks.

2. Get moving – Your body needs to move in order to get your brain working. At least 20 mins of exercise daily is a good place to start. You don’t have to run for an hour on the treadmill or workout for 2 hours. Do what you enjoy. It can be walking, cycling or even dancing to your favourite Bollywood beats. Working out on a day to day basis improves your energy and you don’t feel tired or sloppy throughout the day.

3. Find a Hobby – Finding a hobby that you love is extremely important for your mental health. Doing what you love releases dopamine which leaves you in a happy state. Your hobbies cannot be just something you do once in a blue moon, you need to take out the time to do what you love in order for your mind to function better.

4. Learn a new language- Most people learn a new language only when they’re visiting another country. However you could learn a new language just for the fun of it. You can learn multiple languages for free on an app called Duolingo and you also get rewards for the same. In a way, you’re learning and you’re having fun. When you’re out with your buddies and you mention you know a foreign language, it seems incredibly cool !

5. Read – Read, Read and Read. It doesn’t have to be only intellectual or academic. Read for the pleasure of it. Reading even 10 pages a day can make you read an average of 10 books a year which is a good start if you’re a beginner. Your knowledge is something that people can’t take from you and enriching it is important for your own good.

6. Write – It’s important to write and journal. This allows you to know where you went wrong and how you can work to improve it. It’s the best way to put your thoughts into words. Research shows that when you write down your goals you’re much more likely to achieve them. It makes it easier to grow yourself. It puts your plans into action.

We’ve given you the ways to improve yourself. Now the ball is in your court and you need to take the action to improve your life. Do try the above tips and let us know how it goes!

Written by – Prakruthi Bharadwaj

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