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What makes BUMBLE different ?

Bumble is an online platform for connecting people. It’s not just for people looking for love in the typical online dating mode; it’s also for people looking for new friendships as in ‘Bumble BFF' and even new business mentors as in 'Bumble Bizz.’ Bumble is a fantastic tool for finding people...


We keep ourselves updated about the lives of celebrities and politicians, but what about keeping ourselves updated for our benefit ? Sometimes we wake up with the sudden urge to revamp and improve our life or at times we get the feeling of self realisation at 3am to change our...


       In the previous blog we gave you a few productivity hacks, this is the part 2 we promised you about. Today we have a few more tips for you to be more productive and get you’re ‘A' game on. 1. Create a dedicated workspace : This is one that is crucial. When you are attending a...

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