Muliya Jewellers

Muliya Jewellers

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  • February 1, 2022
Muliya Jewellers

The business was started in the year 1944 at Puttur, Mangalore. Muliya has proved to be the jewellery prodigy through its wide range of collections, high quality, transparency and fine workmanship.


Aadyaa Communications was approached by Muliya Jewelers through its brand consultant Mr Venu Sharma, to :

  1. Improve visibility of the brand
  2. Improve customer experience at stores
  3. Make their 75th year celebrations a landmark event


Aadyaa approached this problem statement with a very retail, trusted, and rural mindset because the showrooms were located in rural places and the audience was also from the same locality. Also, keeping in mind that the brand was here for a very long time (75 years to be precise), we had to hold on to the perspective that trust was the key factor in all our communications. We introduced a celebrity collaboration for the brand, along with creating new communication designs both for online and offline media. We also planned a launch event for their Madikeri store, and then helped them move their Bangalore showroom from a normal location to a prime location along with achieving the primary objective of brand building.


As the objectives were met on time, we made sure that we introduced several campaigns which in turn improved their customer experience and sales. There was a clear 15-20% growth that happened because of the brand building activities, along with the overall growth of the brand value.

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