Zofra Pharmaceuticals

Zofra Pharmaceuticals

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A brand which took birth in 2021 has been with Aadyaa right from its foundation. We have assisted the brand in its web, logo and product package development. Aadyaa planned presented their inauguration event along with with constantly working on their image building.


A manufacturer of pharmaceutical and dermatological formulations, Zofra Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2021 having their headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Zofra uses state-of-the-art technology to create innovative products that are safe, affordable, effective and reliable.


Mr. Maqbool Hussain, the director of Zofra Pharmaceuticals employed Aadyaa Communications to :

  1. Host a power-packed launch event
  2. Make the brand visible to the public
  3. Attain market credibility and goodwill


Since the partnership between Aadyaa and Zofra took place before the brand was introduced to the market, we had to make sure that every plan we developed would be as beneficial as possible given that the brand was still gaining traction at the time and our strategies would determine Zofra’s market share. After understanding the brand and its motive, we immediately started developing their website, designed their logo and curated the most apt packaging for their products. Simultaneously, we worked on hosting a launch event for the brand. After a couple of days of planning, the inauguration was held on 17th December, 2021 at JP Celestial. We also produced visual aids and stationery (such as visiting cards, ID cards for employees, and much more) for Zofra’s office.


Over the past two years, Aadyaa’s efforts to develop the brand has helped them gain quite a good share in the market. A brand that started off with about 9 derma products has increased its product range to 12. With the well-developed website and proper social media channels created by Aadyaa, the brand is easily available to customers.

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