Cashews and more

Cashews and more

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A dry fruit retail brand that started its journey from Bangalore, went on to open two more stores and also a production factory in Mangalore also started its journey with the help of Aadyaa Communications. With services from staff hiring, training and process management, Aadyaa went a step ahead in managing the three stores of theirs in Bangalore. It also facilitated the tie-ups with Big Basket and other aggregators in Bangalore.

Cashews & More

Cashews & More, a dry fruit business established in Bengaluru, Karnataka over 20 years ago. Cashews & More which now functions as an e-commerce business provides its customers with a wide range of nuts and spices at the finest quality.


The owner of Cashews & More, Mr. Vikas to appealed Aadyaa to assist Cashews & More in :

  1. Developing their products
  2. Increasing their market share
  3. Building their online portfolio


For Cashews & More, Aadyaa had to work on everything from scratch because, when the association took place, the business was just a simple store in one of the well-known locations of Bengaluru. We started off by developing the product line, curating new products and dynamic combos, and designing their package. Soon, we started looking after the inventory, sales, and accounting of the business. When Cashews & More took a shift from a retail store to an e-commerce business, we helped them make the transition smooth by developing their website, designing an attractive logo, and deciding their shipping strategy.


Considering the success of Aadyaa’s brand building and marketing strategies to achieve the objectives, Cashews & More continues to be in association with us even today. The business has completely entrusted Aadyaa with ease and smooth functioning. Over the years of collaboration with Aadyaa, Cashews & More has experienced a gradual increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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