PowerPoint Batteries

PowerPoint Batteries

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From 2014 till date, Indiana and Aadyaa communications association has been there. At Aadyaa we have created various campaigns and over a 1000+ marketing collaterals for the hospital. We have also helped the hospital in multiple language translations, BTL activities, CME and other brand related activities during this tenure.

PowerPoint Batteries

PowerPoint Batteries, an established Lead Acid Storage Batteries manufacturing business was established in the early 2000s at Moodabidri, Karnataka. PowerPoint believes in manufacturing and supplying high quality products which are produced by utilising the latest fully automated manufacturing technology.


Being the first client to be associated with Aadyaa, PowerPoint Batteries wanted us to assist them in: 

  1. Building their digital presence
  2. Broadening the horizon of the business


Mr. Verma, the CEO of PowerPoint Batteries approached Aadyaa to help them with branding. We had to formulate branding and marketing plans strategically, as we had to make PowerPoint a well-known brand not just in the regional market but the entire market. We also had to deliver the best because they were our first clients. To make the brand name reach customers on a larger geographical scale, we produced a commercial advertisement. Later, we designed advertising hoardings and billboards for the brand to place on the National Highway near the headquarters and inside the city of Mangalore to bring more awareness about the brand to the customers. Ever since the social media era began, Aadyaa has been constantly working on improving the brand’s image across all platforms.


It’s been over a decade since the association between Aadyaa and PowerPoint, and even today PowerPoint is one of our important clients. As the goals were attained, there was a clear growth in the brand. Over the years, PowerPoint has been able to reach more than lakhs of customers and expand its business in 4 new cities.

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