How to define a good brand?

How to define a good brand?

A friend and I went shopping the other day. I picked a t-shirt and realized it was slightly expensive. Just when I was pondering on need vs. greed, I realized that there are more T-shirts! They had the same color with different names and things written on them! Greed won.


But my point is, there is so much competition! From handbags to safety pins, there are so many brands selling so many variants at such competitive prizes!


Now, if I had to get into this ocean where sharks are already at the top of the chart, what would I do?  The most ideal approach is to first make my brand famous. To be famous, my business has to be advertised and my business has to take up it’s branding and marketing activities seriously.


The agenda is to be known. To be recognized. To be a brand, that the end consumer can relate to.


In the process of making sure that the existence of my business is popular, it is important to understand the following points:


A business cannot be scared of competition. The key is to improvise every day.


However, innovation cannot take you too far if your business doesn’t stick to its core values. The challenge is to be consistent and innovative at the same time – A brand sticks to its core values and is consistent


A brand is unique and a business’s personality


A brand is a promise of quality


A brand shows passion and is trusted by the target audience 


And above all, a well-established brand is well marketed.


To make sure a name is cutting all the noise and making the target market and the audience aware of its unique characteristics, the brand should opt for a 360-degree marketing approach. We at Aadyaa are experts in adopting innovative marketing methods.


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